11 Best Virtual Haircut Apps For Android And IOS [2021]

Are you confused about which haircut will suit you the best? You are scared that you might mess up? Or you want to try out many haircuts and see what suits you the best? But that is not practically possible. Experimenting and trying out new things is always great. But now you can do it with the help of technology. The ultimate solution is to use Virtual Haircut Apps. It’s too cool to use them. All your problems can be just solved by their Virtual Haircut Apps. 

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These Virtual Haircut Apps are very easy to use and can solve many problems within a fraction of seconds. Just by a few clicks on your phone, you can experiment with your looks. Virtual Haircut Apps are absolutely free for use, all you have to do is install them from the play store or the app store, that’s it. So anytime and anywhere you can decide on what hairstyle you want just by the use of these Virtual Hairstyle Apps. 

Top 11 Virtual Haircut Apps For Android And IOS [2021] 

1. Hairstyle Magic Mirror

Hairstyle Magic Mirror is one of the best virtual hairstyle apps. This app allows users to get the experience of many new and fascinating hairstyles and a lot of different color variations. You can have fun over this app too by taking the picture of anyone and trying out different looks on them.

virtual haircut apps
Hairstyle Magic Mirror

It has a very simple and clear interface. Both men and women can use this app. There is an option for creating users’ choice customized hair color too. There are 4 characters already available on the app to use.

Users can either take a photo from their gallery or click one on the spot. A sophisticated facial deception system is also available on the app. 20 memory cells are available on the app. This is one of the best Virtual Haircut Apps.

2. Style My Hair

This app was introduced by L’Oreal Professionals. It is the only app that allows users to copy celebrities’ hairstyles. There are many hair colors, shades, and flipped hair tools available on this app.

free virtual haircut simulator male
Style My Hair

With 3D technology, one can get a very realistic picture of themselves. Using this app one can locate the nearest L’Oreal salon and get their hair transformed. The hairstylist in the salon can give you the exact same look as you selected in the app. 

3. YouCam

It can complete a virtual hair makeover app. It allows the users to play with hundreds of options available. It has many hair colors, styles, and options available for the users to get a perfect look. They have real-time tutorials for users who are confused.

app to change haircut

It is best to have everything in this one app, it makes the work easier and less complicated at the same time. It is available for both android and ios users. And the best thing is it also has selfie effects. It is basically an all-in-one app, once a person uses all his/her confusion is solved. 

4. Hair Style Try On

Hair Style Try On is a hair color changer and Haircut simulator for hair cuts. Hairstyle try-on enables users to experience different looks with different types of hairstyles and hair colors. There are a lot of features here Hairstyle makeover, a Haircut simulator, Face recognition and a Hair color changer.

virtual hairstyle apps
Hair Style Try On

Using this app you can even decor your photos and have fun with them. There are bundles and bundles of hair color available in this app. It gives all designed hairstyles that fit any face. It adds elegance to your beauty. 

5. Change Hairstyle

This app is useful and fun at the same time. Before going to the hair salon users can try out hairstyles or haircuts over this app and then make a decision. All users have to do is to take a picture of themselves and then start on the beauty session.

virtual hairstyle app
Change Hairstyle

One can either select a photo from their gallery or take a photo. And if you like the transformation then save them by clicking on the bottom left corner. Users can even compare on this app. Also, the most fun part is over here, users can share these looks with their friends and families.

6. Hair Style Changer By Rohit Iyer

Exclusively this app can be used by iOS users. There is a number of hair colors, styles, and haircuts available on this app. It can help save costs by trying hairstyles on this app and then selecting the best one of your choice.

hair cut apps
Hair Style Changer By Rohit Iyer

There are more than 150 hairstyles segregated in 16 catalogs, so there is always a hairstyle available for users that suits them. And if any users want to take the opinion of their friends and family members they are free to share it with them in a simple way. This is an absolutely amazing app to find all the solutions for your hairstyle-related queries. 

7. Hair Zapp

It is an easy-to-use app. All users have to do is to follow these few steps : 

  1. Start Hair Zapp and press on the camera button. 
  2. Put back your hair.
  3. Take a picture of yourself. 
  4. Try as many hairstyles on your face and select the best one.
virtual hair makeover
Hair Zapp

These steps are as easy as eating a cake. The results are so real that it is hard to tell that it is a photograph. Users can buy the premium subscription and enjoy ads-free use of the app. You can compare with and select the best one of your choice. 

8. Hair Style Changer Men And Women

It is an awesome app to try on new and trendy hairstyles, hair color, and hair cuts. It is a fashion tool in which you can experiment on your looks. Suitable for both Men and Women.

haircut app for men
Hair Style Changer Men And Women

You can even use amazing glare effects. For men there is an option for a moustache even, it’s it too cool? It allows you to put different effects too and users can even save their pictures and share them with people. 

9. Hairstyle Makeover

It is a user-friendly app available only on the App store. The edits in this app are very realistic. Users can use it for functional purposes or just for fun. Here are simple steps that one has to follow: 

  1. Load a picture 
  2. Choose a hairstyle 
  3. Adjust the style to match your photo
  4. If you want you can compare. 
  5. Share with anyone you want. 
haircut tester app
Hairstyle Makeover

Just by these simple steps, you can solve a big confusion. There are hundreds of high-quality hairstyles. They also have advanced features like lightness/brightness edits, flipping to hair to change part sides, and even can change color tints. This app is an absolute package of trying all the features required by a user. 

10. Best Hairstyle

It is an app available on the play store for android users only. It has a guide that helps users to choose correctly. Users can use the HD effect to get a better look. Users can select hairstyles, colors, or any haircut of their choice from the app and even share it on multiple platforms.

haircut app
Best Hairstyle

There are bundles of features available on the app like saturation, contrast, brightness, sharpness, and much more. Using this feature you can make your picture with the edited hairstyles more beautiful. Another great thing about this app is that you can compare it with any hairstyle created on the app previously.

11. Hair Color – Discover Your Best Hair Color

This app allows users to change many hair colors. This is possible because of the streamlined interface and highly customized tools. Users can try any color they want from blonde to pink. And even highlight any number of streaks they want to.

best hair app
Hair Color – Discover Your Best Hair Color

Highlighting, lowlighting, or bleach any try can be tried on by the users. Users can customize their hairstyles as per their choice. This app also has photo alignment tools which is one of the best features. Multi-Touch gestures of hair coloring and zooming are available. Users can just for fun use colors on them and share them on any platform of their choice.

Best Recommendation

One of the best virtual haircut apps available on android and IOS is Style My Hair. It is the 2nd option on the list above. When compared to other apps this app is made by a brand which is well known for its hairstyling etc.L’Oreal Professionals has made this app. And the most important part about this app is that once the user selects the perfect hairstyle or haircut through this virtual haircut app, he/she can go to the near my L’Oreal salon and get it done. The app itself helps the users to locate near my L’Oreal salon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a virtual haircut? 

Virtual Haircut means people sitting anywhere or at any time can try on any haircut of their choice just by using a Virtual Haircut App and decide whether it suits them or not. Using these Virtual Haircut Apps many problems are solved. Like will this hairstyle suit me? What if I mess up? And by using Virtual Haircut Apps you can solve all your problems at once. 

  • Is there any app to check the hairstyle on your face?

Using all the apps mentioned above users can check the hairstyle on their face. There is also an option to compare it with any hairstyle or haircut made previously. Users can either take a photo from their gallery or click a selfie or take a photo from their back cam on the spot. This feature helps users to get a clear idea. Few of the Virtual Haircut apps mentioned above even give a 3D effect, which gives a very realistic view. 

Final Words

As technology is evolving day by day, we all have to adopt it in our lives. So just by installing Virtual Haircut Apps, you can solve all your queries. You can also cut on the expense of taking a professional’s advice over your haircut, all you have to do is to use this Virtual Haircut App. So any time you want to experiment and not mess up at the same time, go and use a Virtual Haircut App.

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