9 Best Video Converter Apps for iPhone and iPad (2021)

Videos are one of the most convenient modes for conveying any message. Through videos, the message can be given in a better and clear manner. Through videos, one can understand a concept in a better way. Here is an example of what one would prefer to read: Harry Potter’s fantasy novel or the same thing in the form of a movie series.

The majority of individuals will go with the movie series since less effort is required and it is more entertaining. And there are high chances of a person understanding the story of Harry Potter more precisely from the movie when compared to reading the novel. 

Now let’s understand what a video converter apps actually means and how it works. Let’s go with what a video converter does, so basically it converts videos from one format to another on the basis of requirement.

It is done to reduce the size of the video and make it available to the Person at the same time. Reduction in size of video helps to share those videos easily, reduce storage size, and playback. 

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Now it’s working, so every video converter contains a decoder and an encoder. When a video converter is working, its built-in decoder decrypts the original video which is encrypted in some way and then the inner encodes the data released from the decoder in a new way. So this is the Best Video Converter Apps for iPhone and iPad

Top 9 Best Video Converter Apps For iPhone And iPad

Here the listed bellow best video converter apps for iPhone & iPad users

1. iConv

Iconv is the best free video converter apps For iPhone Users. iConv helps people convert their PDFs, videos, audios, files, etc. It plays videos frame-to-frame without missing any details. Helps trim videos according to the requirement and customize it “start” and “end”.iConvwerter is a free app, so anyone can use it and make their work done. It is a universal converter and file manager. It supports a variant of conversion. It has a 4.4 rating out of 5, which is too good.

best free iphone video converter


Anyone can become a member by getting a Pro subscription. It starts from 4.99$ for a month, 9.49$ for a year and one can get a lifetime membership for just 14.99$, which is absolutely worth it. You can make an account for your family too on the app, in which a maximum of six[6] members can be a part. 

2. The Video Converter

This is an iPhone video converting App. It helps iPhone and iPad users to convert videos to MP4, MOV, and MPV3. There are basically three steps to convert your video on The Video Converter: 

  1. Select your input file.
  2. Choose your output format. 
  3. Convert. 
iphone video converting
The Video Converter

The entire process won’t take more than a few seconds. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5, which is not bad. In-app purchases can be done in two categories like premium pass @2.99$ and lifetime pass at @6.99$. When compared to other video converters on the app store this one is cheap and worth using. 

3. Bigasoft Total Video Converter 

Bigasoft Total Video Converter is another Video Converter Apps for iPhone & iPad users. Bigasoft Total Video Converter provides professional solutions for various video conversions. It crops, trims, rotates, adds music, and does much more the video as required by the users. Converts videos from any application.

mp4 to iphone converter
Bigasoft Total Video Converter

It has an extremely high speed of video conversion. In-app purchases amount to around 35$. Also, a family account can be formed and a maximum of six [6] members can be a part of it. It is not that famous among the users but it is worth a try. 

4. Media Converter – Video To mp3

Media Converter can convert any video. The built-in universal video player can play any video format. Video can be cropped, trim, etc. In-app purchase for pro-version @1.99$ , universal video player @0.99$.

convert iphone video to mp4
Media Converter – Video To mp3

One of the best features of this particular app is by just paying 0.99$ users can remove ads while using the app, this helps people to do their work in a brisk manner. One can like other apps make a family sharing account, up to 6 members can be a part of it. It has a 4.7  rating out of 5, which is quite high.

5. Aiseesof

This app makes the process conversion as smooth as velvet in iPhones. This app also adds features that make the shine like never before. The quality of the video improves to the next level. Crop, rotate, watermark, optimize brightness and so on this are the few amazing features of this app.

This app is an absolutely free app to download, any iPhone user can have access to it. Anyone who wants to experience a premium user of the app just has to pay 20$ approximately. 

6. PlayerXtreme Media Player

PlayerXtreme is a video player worthy of elegant iPads. With this app users can use it to watch movies and videos, it is not about video conversion. But this is one of the most exciting features.

video converters for ipad
PlayerXtreme Media Player

It has a 2 in 1 use of converting videos and watching videos. This app supports HD format in any player. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 , which is too good. After looking at the features and amazing users of the app one should give it a shot. 

7. Video Converter Ultimate

This allows users to convert videos in 1000 and more formats for free. Also has an option of creating full HD videos for low-resolution files. This software and its interface are very intuitive.

video converter for iphone
Video Converter Ultimate

They offer many tool kits to the users to customize their videos and even enhance the quality of the video in an excellent manner. The most useful feature of this software is its ‘High-Speed Conversion’, this feature makes the work easier and the output comes out to be of good quality. 

8. Free Mp4 Converter

It is a free video converter app available on the app store, it helps users to convert video to or from MP4 for playback in iPhones and iPads. It also supports conversion to HD MP4. This App also allows high-quality videos like 4K AND HD videos to simple MP4 format.

iphone video converter
Free Mp4 Converter

And also common videos like MOV, MTS, MKV, FLV, etc to MP4.  You can later enjoy any video you like at any time you want. In the profile setting, you can customize any format of output and input you want, which is the coolest feature of this app. This is an absolutely free app. 

9. Video Converter – Converts Video Files

This app helps users to convert videos from various formats, right on users’ iPhone or iPad. The conversion process and yet preserves the quality of the video. Files here are converted to by using powerful servers. Videos can be converted to MP4,3GP, AVI, AVS, FLV, etc. This has been added by the app in the latest apple signing certificate.

convert movies to ipad
Video Converter – Converts Video Files

All this conversion process is absolutely free but any user wants to use the app in a premium way, by the way, the premium users have a lot of advantages. So these users can buy lifetime conversion in premium quality just at 6.99$. Through this subscription, you can enjoy it and work faster.  

10. Convert Videos

Here users can convert the video on the user’s device or the conversion cloud whichever suits the user. After the conversion is done using this app, it allows the users to share it in multiple ways. Conversion here can be done online and offline in both ways.

Online users can save their storage space. Over 1000 and more formats are supported in this app. This is a free app for all users. And a family account can be made with a maximum of six members.

It is not that famous among the users, but it is worth a try. Basically, a precious gem that is yet unexplored. So go out there and use do, you will love it.  

Wayswire Best recommendation:

iConv is one of the Best Video Converter Apps for iPhone users. It does the conversion process through unicorn conversion. One of the best features is that it has hundreds of formats supported in its app. The very first video converter in the list above. It is one of the most-used apps for video conversion, here when the audiences like it there is no requirement for further explanations. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What is the best free video converter?
Convert Videos is one of the best free app available on the app store for users to convert videos. The most classic feature is that it allows sharing the video converted for free to multiple platforms, it is just like the icing on the cake.

For absolutely free family accounts can be made and be enjoyed. So if anyone is looking for a free video converter, then one of the best option is to convert videos on the app store, it is an ice-cold app part. 

It is the very last video converter on the list above, number: 9. 

2. What is the best online video converter? 

Again over here Convert videos is one of the best apps for online video conversion. It does it all for free too. Online conversion saves up a lot of space and storage size, which ultimately helps out the users of the app.

Online makes it fast and convenient. Now everyone has access to the internet, so the online conversion helps the app to get a huge amount of audience too. 

3. How do I convert iPhone videos to MP4? 

Free MP4 Convert is an app listed above [number 7], this app allows users of iPhone and iPad to convert any type of video to MP4. Even high-quality videos like 4K and HD can be converted to MP4 using this app.

So this is the Best Video Converter Apps for iPhone and iPad to convert to or from MP4. Wondershare UniConverter is software available on the internet for free. This app will help users to convert their videos for free using their software.

Final Words

In this time of the entire world-changing and adapting digital in their lives, there are a lot of individuals who would need the help of these apps above. Videos can’t be sent or shared which are huge in size, not everyone would have access to high-speed internet. Here comes the role of video converters which are the best alternative available. So creators can use this app and spread knowledge and ideas to multiple people. 

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