13 Best See Through Clothes Apps For Android & iPhone

See through Clothes apps means an app through which the body of any human can be scanned. And the real body appears on the mobile screen. With this app, users can prank on their friends. And a lot of fun can be done by using these apps.

The users should keep in mind while using these apps that the fun they are having should not hurt or harm anyone in any way. There are many see through Clothes apps available on the play store and app store, but few of them are selected and are mentioned below.

It is basically like scanning a human body. There are few types of restrictions on the use of these apps, given by the app developers themselves like apps should be used by adults or etc and that should be complied with properly and not violated at all.

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All the restrictions and rules should be read precisely before using the app or even installing it. If you match all the criteria given in the description of the app you can go and install the app and have fun. Not just see through clothes apps for human bodies there are other options like see through walls even. 

Top 13 See Through Clothes Apps For Android And iPhone (2021)

here the list of best real see through clothes app for android & iPhone users.

1. Body Scanner Sexy Photo Pranks

A sexy body scanner is a great tool for fooling and pranking people. And just to pretend that you can look through the body. All a user has to do is install the app and select a photo from a gallery or take a picture to remakes and make it look like a sexy picture.

If you want to click a sexy picture of yourself from your smartphone, then you should try the best night vision camera apps for android & ios users.

It is restricted to people who are 16 years and older and it is mentioned that it contains nudity. There are more than 10 lakhs of downloads on this app. Recently the app has been updated in march 2021. This app is offered by Santa, which is one of the best app developers out there.

2. Body Camera Scanner

This is a real see through clothes app clearly mentioned that this app is built with a core purpose of pranking and entertainment and it does not generate in real.

There are a lot of pranking apps, but body camera scanners have amazing features through which pranks can be made more fun and exciting. The app makes it look natural and incredibly real.

Has special modules that add a lot of fun to the pranks. Users can directly save pictures to the gallery. And also has access to add pictures from any sources.  This app gives one of the most fun and exciting results. 

3. Full Audrey Body Scanner

It is an xray clothes scanner that can 3D scan the body. It is one of the most entertaining apps. It is one of the best apps to get rid of boredom.

There are a lot of options available for categories. It is the best prank app. It is very easy to use, any photo from the camera can be edited or any edited picture can be shared or saved in the gallery.

It is an app that allows users of age 16 and older to use the app. It requires Android 4.2 and later. There are a lot of great views in the review parts. 

4. Naked-3D Body Scanner

Users can guide, set up, or get Xray clothes scanner by using this app. It has an amazing feature of 3D scanning and pinch zooming. Other than this body fat percentage, fat mass, lean mass, or waist to hip ratio.

Can track above 10 precise body management. you can also check the best resource management games for android & iOS. It has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. Which is quite great. It is an absolutely free app to be used by iOS users.

The size of the app is 162.50 MB which is quite a small size. It is clearly mentioned that this app is made for fun purposes only, and users should not use it to harm any individual in any form. 

5. Full Body Scanner

It is a fun pranking app and also entertaining at the same point in time. It does not work in real-time. The ultimate purpose of the app is to entertain.

It is an app made to prank people and have fun at your own limits. The size of the app is 6.3Mb which is very less and so it won’t take a lot of space.

It is mentioned that the app is made for people aged above 16 and above. It can be used by android users and needs android 4.2 and later. It is basically made for entertainment purposes

6. X-Ray Scanner Simulator

This Exclusive see through clothes iPhone app available on App Store for iOS users. XRay clothes scanner simulator for iPhone users, iPad users, or any other iOS uses.

It is an app built for making pranks and having fun. The ultimate purpose of this app is to entertain the users but also there are so few restrictions.

Absolutely free to use apps so anyone can demolish their board by just installing the app and having a lot of entertainment. Users can prank on their friends. It is a good source of entertainment but you should use it on the basis of the guidelines given. 

7. Scanning Body and Undressing People

These see-through clothes apps made for making pranks on friends and having a lot of fun. It is a tool for making bawdy jokes. Stimulator for scanning is an absolutely fun app to use.

Users can choose one from 20 different bodies and add it to the photo. Dera varieties of Body structures available. Users can find the perfect body which is fit for the photo.

How to undress people, here are the three steps choose a body picture which you want to add, place it over a photo from a gallery on the shot a new one, and lastly rotate the hot body or move it to fit the image. The core objective of making the app was entertainment and not harming anyone in any form.

8. X-ray scanner Body Prank

This xray clothes scanner app is available on the App Store for iOS users. The app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide a form. 

It is made for pranking people and having fun. These are the three steps to be followed while using the app: turn on the next day the camera will automatically connect, navedite on the part of the body to bring more credibility to the whole person, and press the old scan after scanning the image will appear.

This game is completely safe for your health as it is completely free and you can use it without any internet connection. In the recent updates, the developers have fixed the bug while using that.

9. Remove Clothes Prank

Another see through clothes iPhone app available on AppStore for iOS users. The Stimulation of the app is ridiculous to spend time with friends. It is a very funny and exciting thing to do with friends.

Whatever shown in the app is just for fun purposes and it is also not real at the same point in time it is just the set algorithm of the app. This app will make you laugh a lot.

Recently it has been updated by Apple to use the Apple sign-in certificate. Individuals aged 17 and about can only use this app. It is absolutely free-to-use app.

10. Scanning Pants Prank

This see through clothes app is made intentionally for entertainment purposes only and does not give a real picture.

A joke simulator game is very fun to play on your phone with entertainment by your side. The game uses a camera for a more realistic effect to find underwater under the pants or pocket.

Act out and make fun of your friends and families and have free entertainment. It is purely free to use and people aged about 12 can use the app and have fun.   

11. Touch ON

It is a pranking app and made for entertainment purposes. There are fixed pictures of humans already into the app through which can be executed. You can prank anyone using this app. Unlimited enjoyment can be done by using the app.

Absolutely free to use the app for everyone. If you are bored and want to prank anyone, this app is the best option for you. If you have no idea how to prank someone on the spot then this is the best app for pranking them. Just install and have a lot of fun.

12. Fake x-ray Vision Camera

This app makes pictures only and does not actually give your phone more capabilities. It is a free app that lets users take pictures that look like they were made with x-ray vision.

There are different options over the list to choose from. Users can save the pictures in the device and then share it with their friends and families or even on social media.

It has quite good ratings on the Play Store and the majority of the reason used seems to be good. There are more than 1 lakh installations of this app.

13. Smart Body Scanner Prank App

It is a newly launched Android application and its rank allocation. Body scanner application in which users can trick their friends.

Interesting photos that you can have a 3D body scanner then you can easily check somebody including without stripping is what this app does.

It is a prank application and not a real body scanner that was just developed for fun purposes and has been clearly mentioned in the description box of the app.

It has quite a good rating and the majority of people seem to like it. If you are bored sitting at home and want to prank your friends or family this is the go-to app. 

Best Recommendation

See-through apps, the majority of them are pranking apps. In the real world, there is no app that can really go through someone’s clothes. The best-recommended app is the body scanner sexy prank app.

The very first mentioned in the above list. It is one of the best local tools for pranking people. People above 16 years can have a lot of fun using it. It is recommended by us to use the app after complying with the rules.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there an iPhone app to see through clothes?

In reality, there is no such thing made where users can see through anyone’s cloth. But for having fun for entertainment purposes there are a lot of apps available on app Store pranks and have fun. Few of them are mentioned in the above list..

  • How do I edit pictures to see through clothes? 

So for various apps, there are various steps to be followed to edit a picture. But the most common steps are to select a new one, make the editing as per the choice, and finally share it or save it into the phone.

Final Word

see through clothes apps for Android and IOS are available in bundles and play store and App Store but the above-mentioned points are one of the best. Using these apps you just can have a lot of fun pranking friends and family.

They can also be used for entertainment purposes and to get rid of boredom.  But while using the app, the user should keep in mind all the restrictions and rules mentioned while installing the app should not violate any of them. The see-through clothes apps are only made for entertainment purposes and not for harming anyone in any way. 

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