9 Best Red Eye Removal Apps For Android And iOS (2021)

Red eyes are sought to be a mark of a demon. They are not thought to be a normal person. In this world where everybody is interested in low light photography, there has to be some way to remove those red eyes from the pictures. Thankfully there are a lot of Red Eye Removal Apps available for this purpose.

Put in simple words, red eyes appear when the camera captures the light reflected by your retina when a flash is used while clicking the photograph either in low-lighting or at night.

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You can get rid of those red eyes either by turning your flashlight off or by using a red-eye removal app. You can also visit a studio for the same but it will cost you money.

Top 9 Red Eye Remover Apps For Android And iOS (2021)

So if you want to save that money you should check out this list of the 9 Best Red Eye Removal Apps for Android and iOS.

1. Eye Color Studio

Eye Color Studio is an amazing photography app developed by ModiFace. The app allows you to customize your eye colour in your photos and your photos would appear like you have put on an eye lens.

Best Red Eye Removal Apps
Eye Color Studio

There more than one hundred and fifty colours available inside the app with the feature of adding your own custom colour. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the app automatically detects your eye and presents a set of eye colours.

This free application also enables you to adjust your image including enhancements. You just have to choose a photo and pass it to the app for your desired eye colour.

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2. Face Tune 2

Face Tune 2 is a powerful photo editor tool app. The app provides you with your own and personal glam squad. You can use this app to get rid of red-eye, pimples, blemishes, white your eyes, smoothen your skin, and much more.

fix red eye app
Face Tune 2

The app comes with professional tools for selfie and photo editing. With its latest addition of fun and artistic effects, you can retouch your photographs and apply various filters on them.

The app is the next-generation version of its predecessor award-winning Face Tune photo editor app. Hop off to the download page and install the app if you want your photos to be the best fit for Instagram. 

3. Photo Editor and Perfect Selfie 

Another good photo editing app available for red-eye removal is the Photo Editor Perfect Selfie developed by Scoompa which offers to face specific editing options for your portraits and selfies. you can also use the best night vision apps to click awesome photo at night.

app to get rid of red eye
Photo Editor and Perfect Selfie

The app comes with feature like red eye removal, reshape, dark circle remover, clone, wrinkle remover and a lot more tools. Not only it provides you with these features, it also lets you adjust your image brightness and contrast.

Additionally it lets you draw over an image, rotate, crop, filters or apply stickers to it. It also comes with a diet mode feature that makes you look thinner, taller, and sleek. 

4. Pixlr

Pixlr is a free photo editing software application developed by 123RF Limited. This application is the editor’s choice under photography applications on the Google Play store. Unleash your photo editing beast with this amazing app.

redeye app

The app provides you with loads of built-in tools and features so that you can make your image look the way you want and easily share them to grab attention.

This app is best known for the red-eye removal tool and blemish removal tool. In addition to image enhancements and features, the app also delivers a good set of frames to be applied to your image.

5. BeautyPlus

With over 100 million downloads, Beauty Plus is the far most popular and easy photo editor. It not only provides a photo editing platform but also a beautiful in built camera app with so many filters. The photo editing tools in this app are very powerful and realistic.

It does not look like the image has been edited. The reason behind this awesomeness is that the developers at Beauty Plus have worked with well-known makeup artists, photographers, and real people to collect real-time data and develop a solution. With the pro version of the app, you can unlock the professional features as well.

6. Cymera Camera

Cmyera Camera is developed by SK Communications.  This wonderful app lets you create amazing collage photos, fashionable stickers, posters with stylish text along with elegant layouts and frames.

how to fix red eye on iphone
Cymera Camera

This app comes with a beauty camera that enables to capture your amazing moments. The app is good for red-eye removals and fine adjustments to your photograph. With over 150 filters, you can create pro-like photographs.

The app also has multiple language support so you don’t need to worry about having an app that suites your language medium.

7. Adobe Photoshop Express

You must have heard about the Adobe Photoshop series for Desktops. The developers at Adobe have successfully brought those features straight down to your phone so that you can also experience what actual photo editing looks like.

photo editor red eye remover
Adobe Photoshop Express

The interface of the app is very interactive and easy to learn. The app delivers a full range of tools and effects that you want on your smartphones. You can easily personalize your photos and use its salient features like the red-eye removal one for which it is best known.

The app also provides a tool for Spot Healing which reduces blemishes and spots from your pictures. You can develop high-quality images and share them with just one touch.

8. PicLab

PicLab is photo editor software which can be used to add typography and artwork, shapes and stickers, and apply trending effects and filters on your photos. The app has tools for red eye removal including fine adjustments.

white eye remover

It also delivers amazing drawing tool along with a collage tool with which you can easily manipulate your image. You can unlock more feature by subscribing for the pro version. Easily share your images with your friends and family with just a tap.

9. Fotogenic

Fotogenic is the best body and face tune and retouch app which allows you to edit your photographs straight on your android and iOS devices. This app is best useful for red-eye removal as the output image does not looks edited.

best red eye remover

It is a flawless photo editing app which is suitable for every person, even if she does not possess the knowledge of photo editing. One of the unique features of this app is the speech brush tool which you can use as a voice-to-text app to add text to a photo with your voice.

The app also offers many tools like adjustments and enhancements, beauty tools, filters and effects, colour change, and paint and texture tools. The in-app purchases also offers more functionalities and powerful tools.

Final Words

So these were some amazing red eye removal apps that you can use to remove your red eyes, blemishes, and fine-tune your images. You must not have wondered that you could do all these with your smartphone. These apps have made this possible. You have the medium now; you just need to click some astonishing and incredible pictures, adjust them using these 9 Best Red Eye Removable Apps for Android and iOS, and your photos are ready to be flaunted over your social media.

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