9 Best Recycle Bin Apps For Android And iOS (2021)

Often our android smartphone deletes our data. Later on, this data is needed. This data may be a video, an audio or a text file. In that case, we regret our decision to delete the data file. Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android removed file from recycling bin can be easily restored on a computer. By clicking on the right and restoring the suppressed file you are using again.

However, there is no recycle bin in the case of an Android smartphone. You must do the same job to create the same document file if you document file is deleted on Android. In this case, you will waste your valuable time to do the work again. Certainly you think it’s too easy to restore a deleted file if Android has Recycle Bin feature.

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An instant solution to this problem may be a backup of your data. However, what if you have no data backup? The only remedy is to re-create file files. Whilst Android has no recycling bin functions such as a computer. But with some recycle bin applications for android, you can add this feature.

9 Best Recycle Bin Apps For Android And iOS (2021)

Listed below are some Best Recycle Bin Apps:

1. Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin application is one of the best androids recycle bin apps. Most third-party explorers are supported. For the file to be sent to Recycle Bin, simply select the file from your explorer.

recycle bin for android
Recycle Bin

After this, open the Recycle Bin app if you want to delete the file permanently, and select “Delete the file permanently.” Click the Reset link in the Recycle Bin program to reset the image. In the Recycle Bin app, you can even send folders or multiple files.

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2. Dumpster: Recover My Deleted Picture and Video files

Dumpster app lets you retrieve video and photo files easily and quickly. Did you have one of your media files accidentally deleted? Dumpster can undelete in one click your media file or app. It also provides several security features together with the option of cloud storage.

dumpster.recycle bin

Without internet access, the app works. You can backup all deleted files in the cloud with Dumpster Cloud. Just type in a recycling bin and click on the app to recover any application. It is going to be restored.

3. Recycle Master

Recycle Master is yet another great app for your Android device that includes a recycle bin function. This also saves the photos or videos that have been wiped.

recycle bin app
Recycle Master

The software can also download images, photos, audios and you can easily recover the song which you created using the karaoke apps  records and any data instantly.

You can also protect the app with a password to prevent others from seeing what it contains. One of the best things about this program is that it’s totally free. It has few pro-functionalities also.   

4. GT Trash

GT Trash is only for you if you do not want to constantly back up your mobile info. You’ll be able to retrieve all of the deleted files in the trash. You can restore lost photos, photographs, recordings, emails, notes, text messages and more.

Do you like to chat with strangers using Anonymous Chat Apps on your android device and your chat deleted accidentally then you can use GT Trash app to recvorce you deleted chats

You can also access images, videos, audio and files before you get everything restored. Because your android phone doesn’t have to root. But using an Android rooted phone gives this app a better user experience.

5. Photo Recycle Bin

Photo Recycle Bin is a great trash apps apps for Android users developed by Tasty Blueberry PI. You will easily recover deleted files from your android device unintentionally.

trash bin for android
Photo Recycle Bin

All your deleted file will be stored on your Android devices in a recycle bin so you can restore it quickly. You have no root access to your Android device to use this app. It works just like a recycling bin on your computer where you can save all the deleted file and recover it easily.

6. Data Recovery

Data Recovery is a software program that can be used for free and easy to recover lost photographs and other files on your android device. This is a recycling bin program for Android users created by Tour De Apps.

does android have a recycle bin
Data Recovery

Each Android user can conveniently have their images free of charge. You can preview the recoverable photos, photos, and images without paying anything. It provides you free scans. It also helps you to access or submit the saved data to Google Drive and Dropbox.

7. Deleted Data Recovery

Deleted data recovery is another recycling bin application that enables you to easily scan and recover deleted files, photos, videos, music and contacts. It is a powerful tool for recovery that searches for removed media and contact in your internal storage and SD card.

dumpster for android
Deleted Data Recovery

It’s a free and easy-to-use app that has a few steps in your device to recover deleted files. You can quickly search for your deleted items and review your photos and get the restore button to get them back after done.

8. Hexamob Recovery

Hexamob recovery is a great app for your android device that provides the option to recycle bin. In order to be able to recover deleted files from your android device, you need a root access to your device before using this application.

trash apps
Hexamob Recovery

You can get pictures, videos, mp3, pdf and other deleted files. You can also recover deleted files as SD card from external storage together with the Android device. The success of recovery depends on the status of the deleted file data blocks. Deleted files can be recovered with overwritten data blocks.

9. WRB

WRB is a great application for recycling bin developed by Impractical Labs, which enables you to recover your deleted files from your device. It is an app for Android users of Whatsapp Recycle Bin.

iphone recycling bin

This app will notify you if a message is being received that is removed and saved for you by the sender. The application is easy to use with clean and simple user interface, so that everyone can use it smartly.

Final Words

You get a similar recycle bin functions like a computer through using these recycle bin apps for android. Now if a file has been removed and you want to return it to your system, you can open the trash folder and find it. It was a complex process before you returned your deleted information.

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