15 Best Free Ringtone Apps For Android And iOS (2021)

Users love to have different ringtones but at a time they get charged for it. Various networks like Airtel and Vodafone allow users to have a ringtone but the charges are , which is not liked by the users. How to solve this problem: apps are available on the Play Store and the app store where users can set ringtones for free. Setting ringtones, notification alerts around the best customizations users can do on their phone. From built in sound to trim the audio file users have to choose the best for their ringtone which they like. So rather than searching for numbers of apps on the Play Store and the app store we here provide you with the top 15 of the best ringtone apps for Android and IOS users out of which users can select the best one of their choice. Along with it there are apps that have versatile features like setting various ringtones for different contacts and many more unique features like these. So next time if you are looking for a free ringtone app then you should go for this. 

Top 15 Free Ringtone App For Android and IOS

1. Zedge 

It comes among the most popular free ringtone apps for android users. Not just ringtone but also amazing wallpapers are freely available on this app. A search bar is given for the users to find out ringtones and wallpapers of their choice.

Not just the original song for the album is available to be set as a ringtone but versatile types of versions of the songs are available on the app which is used to set a ringtone.

Zedge is considered to be the number one phone personalization app in the world which helps users to have the most appropriate wallpapers and ringtone of users choice. Everything is available on the app. It is always free to use for all the users but there is premium content available which helps users to get exclusive content.

Since top-tier content creators are available on the app, Zedge allows top musicians in the world and top artists to share their piece of art on the app for promoting themselves and for the betterment of the users. 

2. Audiko

It is another free ringtone maker App that uses a database of millions of free ringtones. It has the hottest and the most popular audio tracks for setting off ringtones for free along with that it has amazing HD wallpapers and funny stickers.

Audiko MP3 cutter and editor is considered to be the most trusted app for device personalization. Impressive Android music collected to near 20 lakh tops and the most recent tracks.

Not just the available music can be set as the ringtone but also so users can customize the rice and make their own track by editing the audio. There is a wide range of audio formats, users can also see a scrollable waveform of the audio files at 6 zoom levels.

3. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

So it is a music auditor application that creates ringtones alarm and messages for various MP3, WAV, MP4, and many other audio simple 3 steps are to be followed which are: a user needs to select MP3 from their mobile or from recordings, next select the area to be cropped from the audio or edit it further as per their choice and lastly save it as your ringtone or your alarm or the notification.

Recorded personal tracks can also be used as the ringtone to make it more fun and unique. The majority of users have an idea perfectly how this app works. 

4. Ringtone Designer 2.0

This app is exclusively made for iPhone users. People having iPhones can use this app to create unlimited customized ringtones, text tones, and alerts using songs in their iPhone music library. For a limited set of time users can get a free text tone pack from textRocker.com and create their first ringtone for free using the app.

Use the beautiful interface to adjust and strengthen the length of the ringtone. Swipe the audio field to select a short clip and the ringtone is ready. So damn easy processes. It is an absolutely free-to-use app for all iOS users. 

5. Mobile9 ringtone

Another most amazing ringtone app for both IOS and Android users is mobile9. It is one of the most recommended free ringtone apps by producers.

The interface of the app is quite easy to understand and simple to access. Not just ringtones but also wallpapers, games, fonts, and much more is available on the app.

It is an all-in-one app that users can have on their device and use for free at any point in time for any purpose. The content on this app is exclusive and has a good collection of numbers of ringtones. Original, remixed and the latest version of every song is available on the app which helps every type of user to choose from. 

6. Ringtone maker

Here comes the most amazing customized ringtone-making app for both IOS and Android users. It is one of the easiest apps to create custom ringtones.

Just by choosing a liked iPod song, swiping the audio wave to select the perfect clip, and then you are ready with the most amazing ringtone created, it is an incredibly easy and fast process.

Accurate forward button and back button, fade in and out and easily control start time and end time are some of the key features of the app. It is available for free and anyone can have access to the app. 

7. Pi music player

It is considered to be one of the most highly rated and light music players. It has a unique feature where ringtones can be set by an inbuilt ringtone cutter in the app and can be used as an MP3 player or to cut the MP3 song and lastly, I set it as the ringtone.

It has 5 band equalizers, metadata support, themes, backgrounds, and a fantastic and easy-to-use interface. There are bundles of options available through which a user can edit and set it as a ringtone. It is one of the most liked apps. 

8. MTP ringtones and wallpapers:

These apps offer a youth sexual off most popular free ringtones, wallpapers, games, and apps to customise your device. Daily updates of free and awesome mobile content for your Android phone are available on this app.

Users can download ringtones of their own choice from the user catalog available and even share them. Set standard, ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds within the app. Users can select the best mobile games using this app. 

9. Free ringtone 2021

If anyone wants a new ringtone for a ringtone remix this is the best app for them. Free ringtones collection and the most popular one are available on the app. It has diversity and uniqueness in the various sections of the app.

The app offers criteria like Bollywood, hip hop, dance, rap country, funny baby, animal types of ringtone. Interface of the app is quite easy to understand and quick to use. It is considered to be one of the fastest apps with low memory and an easy use process. The app has more than 10,000 free ringtones for sure you would get the ringtone of your choice over here.

10. Ringtone top 100

This app categorizes the most popular ringtones from the world’s largest mobile phone ringtone library. It has the top hundred ringtones. Users can set the phone ringtones, SMS tones, alarm tones from the given choices as you like it.

The interface here is smart and energy saving anyone can easily understand after going through the app once. The sound quality is quite high and has high-quality hi-fi music. The app has the most beautiful layout which makes the user like the app even more. 

11. Ringtone garage

This app is given a vintage look along with it the app provides songs to users available in the iPhone music library to be used as the ringtones SMS tones email tones reminders and even set them as alarms.

It is a free to use app but by paying some amount unique features and exclusive content can be used by the users. Simply users can now creative on sound from the favorite music for every single sound they have on the iPhone. This app is an absolute try for everyone. The majority of you would absolutely like it. 

12. Mobiles ringtone

Variety of free latest MP3 ringtones displayed in various categories available on mobile ringtone app. Various ringtones like the iPhone, Nokia, Samsung ringtones can be easily downloaded from the app.

The app allows users to download and set ringtones in just a few clicks. The process is quite easy to understand and faster to adapt. This app is considered to be one of the kind and unique for ringtones setting.

Next time if you are looking for amazing ringtones of some other device or some song of your choice go and check out the mobile ringtone app on your Play Store and app store.

13. Cute ringtone free

This is an app exclusively made for the Android users. One of the most cutest ringtones and sounds is available on the app and can be downloaded. Cute ringtones, sweet songs, cute free sounds and funny ringtones everything is available on the app.

These ringtones will surely melt your heart with sweetness. If anyone is looking for a bunch of cute ringtones to select from then this is a go to app for them. Setting of ringtones, specific contact ringtones, and alarm sound along with SMS sounds can be done using the app. 

14. Scary ringtones

If you love to prank your friends and families this is the most amazing and funniest app for you. Whenever anyone will listen to the ringtone they are surely getting scared from it and you would have a lot of fun.

It is easy to use and has a bundle of cool free tones. These ringtones are perfect for scary and horror-themed alert ringtones. The downloading and setting of a process is quite easy to understand for everyone. 

15. Tunes for iPhone

Tunes is a prime official superstore following tones, text tones, music, and much more. Pronounce the potentially large legal ringtones and tone categories from personal labels and producers of the app. Users can instantly set top labels ringtone and sound on their iPhone without any subscription or unwanted watching off ads.

The interface of this app is considered to be one of the fastest and easiest. Browse beautiful cover artwork for the latest in the water ringtone from mixers to anything on your YouTube. This is an absolute win-win app for all iPhone users. 

Best Recommendation

The topmost app on our list is Zedge, it is one of the best-recommended apps which is filled with exclusive content not just for ringtones setting but also for wallpaper settings. 

Frequently asked questions: 

  • What is the best ringtone app for iOS users? 

Ringtone designer 2.0 is one of the most exclusive apps for setting ringtones for the iPhone users. Amazing features like creating customised ringtone text on and alerts using songs in the iPhone music gallery is considered to be one of the most important features of the app through which a lot of iPhone users get attracted to the app. It is along with all these features easy and free to use app

  • Is Zedge safe in 2021? 

The app in the description below its installation button on the Play Store and the app store says that they do not import or use any personal information for files in the media Library storage or contact list of their users. They give the surety that nothing from the user’s device would be stored or imported by them for any purpose. Private policy of the app is quite good and it is one of the most trusted apps. 

  • What is the best free ringtone app? 

As we said earlier in the best recommended app called, Zedge is considered to be the best recommended app for downloading ringtones for both Android and IOS users along with it it is absolutely free to use so we considered it as the best free ringtone app. 

Final words

There are bundles of apps available on both Play Store and app Store for downloading ringtones for free and even for some cost. But the above-mentioned ones are considered to be the top 15 ringtone apps for Android and IOS users. These are free apps available for various devices and have their own unique features which are clearly mentioned above. You should choose the best free ringtone app for yourself as per features you like and would be suitable for you. 

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