7 Best FM Radio Apps Without Internet for Android and iOS (2021)

Do you like tuning in to the radio? If indeed, in this post, we share the best free offline FM radio app for android. With the help of these applications, you can tune in to the free radio without Wi-Fi. In the present time, everybody’s telephone has web, so for what reason do we need no Wi-Fi radio app.

Commonly we disappear from our home and there is no web association accessible. Because of this, we can’t use the web and get exhausted. Assuming you have this disconnected radio application, you can use the radio for nothing. For which you needn’t bother to have an internet connection.

Today, there are as of now FM radio applications without web that can be downloaded in the PlayStore and App Store. As you probably are aware, although the vast majority currently listen more to music players, YouTube, and other diversion media, a few groups are an as yet dependable fanatic of radio. 

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They actually really like to pick radio as the media to tune in to music, get updated news, etc. Yet, some of you may discover it awkwardly that with the innovation, people stream music online. But if you are fond of listening to the radio, then you are at the right place!

Top 7 Free FM Radio Apps Without Internet for Android and iOS

Here is the article on 7 Best FM Radio Apps Without Internet for Android and iOS in 2021. 

1. iHeartRadio – Free Music, Radio, and Podcast

iHeartRadio is the best offline FM radio app for android. This application has over 50 million downloads on the play store, and the size of this application is Varies with the gadget. This application is totally free.

In this application, it has given over 1500 live radio broadcasts to you, and you can likewise make limitless music spilling alongside it. You can tune in to the melody and radio broadcast of any state of mind and action. iHeartRadio is easy to use, and its plan is additionally cool.

With the help of this application, you can tune in to every one of the radio broadcasts live and neighborhood close to you, and assuming you additionally need to tune in to worldwide radio, you can listen with no problem. From all these radio broadcasts, you can appreciate music, news, sports, talk, and satire programs in a wide range of classifications.

Also, assuming you like games, it has given you radio broadcasts of top games radio channels like ESPN Radio, Fox Sports, and then some. In this application, you can make your own music stations. In which you can order many tunes from your #1 specialists.

Pretentiously you like a melody or radio broadcast, you can add it to your #1 rundown so you can tune in to that radio broadcast and tune whenever. On the off chance that you need to download a tune from here, you can with little of a stretch download it. There is additionally an exceptional component of this no Wi-Fi radio app, which you can purchase and use more highlights.

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2. Simple Radio – Free Live FM AM Radio and Music

Basic radio application additionally gives many radio channels to you to tune in to the radio for nothing and without the web. It is additionally a mainstream application. People have downloaded this application over 10 million times on the PlayStore.

With this application, you can make your radio listening experience very great since it is a basic application that effectively allows you to tune in to the radio. From here, you can stream your number one radio broadcast most essentially.

Assuming you are partial to tuning in to the radio, over 45000 radio broadcasts have given to you in this application. You can undoubtedly tune in to any radio broadcast you love all throughout the planet.

It gave a spotless interface in this application. You can undoubtedly track down any radio broadcast on the planet with which you don’t have any issue tracking down radio broadcast.

On the off chance, that you have a most loved radio broadcast and you need to hear it out when you open the application. So, you can place it in your #1 rundown with one tap in this application so you won’t have any issue tracking down that radio broadcast.

This current application’s sound quality is additionally exceptional, and you won’t see Buffering or Interruptions. Because of this, the client experience in this application is very acceptable.

3. TuneIn Radio

The next suggested FM radio app for android without internet is TuneIn Radio. With this application, you can stream both FM radio and AM radio. You can even straightforwardly associate with the broad radio streaming. As shown by the engineer, you can likewise straightforwardly get to the application through Google.

Along these lines, you simply need to say ‘Alright Google, tune in to TuneIn Radio’. At that point, it will promptly associate you with this radio streaming. Isn’t it cool? TuneIn Radio contains different radio broadcasts that incorporate music, everything being equal, live radio, satire, sports, news, and some more.

The free form furnishes over 100.000 stations alongside many digital broadcasts. In the exceptional variant, you will actually want to appreciate live NFL, MLB, and Barclays Premier League games, and book recordings. You will likewise discover zero commercials. The value changes depending on the district you live. In addition, it is an unadulterated radio application with the goal that you won’t tune in to music playlists.

4. Pcradio

PCRadio is another no internet radio apps for android. This application has over 10 Million downloads on the play store. They have given a huge number of radio broadcasts to you in this radio application. In which various types have likewise been accessible.

If you need to tune in to the radio in excellent sound despite the low-speed web association from the radio broadcast, this application is best for you.

You can make the most of your #1 radio broadcast anyplace, regardless of whether you are driving your vehicle or having an excursion with your companions. This radio application is additional battery proficient.

It doesn’t deplete your battery rapidly, which will save your telephone in control for quite a while. In this application, a wide range of channels are partitioned into various classes. Like electro, dance, pop, unwind, rock, and so on.

5. Audials Radio App

Is it true that you are searching for an amazing FM radio app for android without internet? If indeed, Audials radio application can be a correct decision to go with. It is an element-rich android radio application that can interface you with more than 50k radio broadcasts.

In this way, you have an incredible opportunity on picking the music of your decision. You can undoubtedly discover a lot of decisions to go with regardless of sorts, artists, genre, and country.

This application comes fused with heaps of unimaginable highlights. Aside from previously mentioned benefits, this radio application additionally comes joined with a rest clock, video and sound players, vehicle mode, and equalizer. The most amazing aspect of introducing this radio application is that you can undoubtedly use the cloud to move your #1 Music records or different stuffs to an SD card.

Having gone through the aforementioned advantages of utilizing this Audials application, presently you should expect that it very well may be a costly decision to go with. Obviously, it’s not a paid application. It is a free application with no in-application costs or promotions.

6. NextRadio – Free Live FM Radio

This is another best FM radio app for android without the Internet. People have downloaded this application over 10 million times on the Play Store. This will give an incredible encounter for tuning in to the radio on your android telephone.

This FM radio without Wi-Fi offers two different ways to tune in to live, nearby FM Radio. Assume the FM receiver chip is activated in your phone. Around there, you can undoubtedly tune in to the nearby, earthbound FM radio with its help, which uses less information and recoveries your battery life contrasted with streaming.

Started FM Chief benefits you immensely. At whatever point a crisis of network comes around there, it is working when cell towers are down. This application works when you interface your wired earphones with your telephone.

On the off chance that you use Bluetooth earphones and telephone speakers and so on, this radio application doesn’t work. Download free FM radio on your Android cell phone today.

7. FM Radio – Free Radio

Ryu Mizuki has made this radio application, which has 5 Lakh downloads on the Play Store. With this current application’s help, you can sweep and track down the radio broadcast effectively and make a rundown of your number one radio broadcast.

With this radio application, you can undoubtedly output and track down your #1 radio broadcasts. You can likewise make a rundown of your top picks.

If you need to stream the radio around evening time until you nod off, you can set the rest clock in this Free radio applications without web. Over 40.000 radio broadcasts are accessible in the information base of this radio application. You can record tunes and see live data about the thing that is playing. The plan of the application is decent as well.

Wayswire Recommendation 

iHeartRadio is the one of Best FM Radio Apps Without Internet for Android and iOS in 2021. Taking a gander at how well known this FM radio application is, any reasonable person would agree that iHeartRadio is possibly the most mainstream arrangement regarding radio applications without the web. This radio even has its own music occasion, gone to by a ton of popular artists and performers.

This application is a radio proper time feature created by Gramercy Consultants Developer. With this radio application, you will actually want to stream different radio broadcasts from everywhere in the world. One of the few things that makes this application lot is it gives a music player administration that will play tracks-based music type and your disposition.

You will actually want to discover playlists for practically all dispositions, classes, and occasional tracks for specific occasions, like Halloween and Christmas. You can stream the radio for nothing with this radio application. Notwithstanding, there are in-streaming notices. For a superior encounter, pay $5.99 each month. While for all entrance, you need to pay $12.99 each month for more extra highlights, remembering to request melody playing.


  1. Can you listen to the radio without Internet?

Yes, you can absolutely listen to the radio without an internet or web connection. Please just go through our article above to get familiar with the 7 Best FM Radio Apps Without Internet for Android and iOS in 2021.

  1. What is the best free FM radio app?

I request you to look at our FlapGem recommendation for the above inquiry as I am sure, this will answer your question possibly in the best way. 

  1. How do I activate FM radio on android?

You can easily turn your android phone into an FM radio if it has an embedded chipset and the proper circuitry to connect that chip to an FM antenna. All you need is an app like NextRadio, which lets you tune into the signal, and something to act as an antenna, such as headphones or non-wireless speakers

Wayswire Final Words

So, pals, those are the FM radio apps without internet association. With those applications, you will actually want to stream the radio whenever and anyplace without agonizing over being associated with the web. Every FM radio application has its own upsides and downsides. Pick the one that addresses your issues and inclinations. 

For this, you needn’t bother with any internet. You can stream radio without utilizing a web connection. We expect you appreciate this article. Please advise us regarding the next topic or give remarks and remember to share this article with your companions, friends, and relatives.

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